Rosa's Story

Rosa Nelly runs a small shop out of her home in Lima, Peru. When her vision suddenly deteriorated, some of her customers began to take advantage, paying her incorrect amounts as she was unable to see the coins clearly. Local optometrists referred her to a national institute, but the long journey would have to be made by taxi, an impossible expense on her modest salary. Rosa resigned herself to her condition and believed she would never see again. That is when a family member told her about a nearby Seva partner clinic she could afford to visit. Rosa was soon diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes and scheduled for the surgery she desperately needed. However, a few weeks before her operation, tragedy struck. Rosa’s husband suffered paralysis. Her family could not pay for both her and her husband’s treatment and fell into despair. Upon hearing her story, Seva’s partner clinic performed Rosa’s surgery completely free of charge. Today, she has regained sight in both eyes and is able to care for her husband while successfully managing her shop from home. Rosa is one of nearly 40,000 people who have had their lives transformed through sight-restoring surgeries made possible by Focusing Philanthropy and Seva Foundation.