International Impact

6,777,861  members of Africa’s rural poor building long-term cashable savings plans through a transformative tree planting initiative we launched with One Acre Fund

514,097 subsistence farm family members permanently out of starvation poverty with One Acre Fund

82,812 blind people can see again as a result of sight-restoring surgeries with Seva Foundation

104,159 people gaining access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene training with Water for People

55,074 of the world’s most vulnerable refugees being resettled with RefugePoint

2,219 urban refugees on a path to self-sufficiency through the delivery of interventions such as shelter, healthcare, and business training with RefugePoint

1,974,250 people in hard-to-reach areas are gaining access to life-saving preventative and diagnostic health care via drone technology—including the scaling up of the first national two-way drone delivery service in the world—toll-free hotlines, remote training, PPE, and the launch of a community-led clinic with Muso, CHIC, and VillageReach

Domestic Impact

12,854 low-income students attending an IT job training course providing intensive hands-on technical skills, job placement, and career development services with Per Scholas

4,522 receiving a full year of life-changing 1:1 advocacy provided by a rigorously-trained volunteer from the community with Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

3,012 young people without prior credible college prospects are receiving one year
of a program proven to dramatically increase post-secondary success with OneGoal

132 people facing barriers to employment are gaining the training and support needed to begin high-demand careers in healthcare
with JVS

6,616 people from low-wealth communities are benefiting from affordable home or small business loans and financial mentoring with OFN (Opportunity Finance Network)

5,937 underperforming elementary school students closed the gap with their reading- proficient peers with Reading Partners