Freeman's Story

Freeman is standing in front of the Seattle kitchen where he arrived, clean and sober after decades of addiction, to start a new life. He is holding a painting signed with congratulations from his FareStart cohort and instructors. It took Freeman eight months to graduate from the 16-week culinary training and job placement program, but he did not give up. It was the first time he had completed anything in his life. Institutionalized at age 9, Freeman bounced from group homes to juvenile facilities and in and out of prison. He had never held a steady job, finished school, or had a place of his own. But when offered a second chance, he demonstrated incredible capacity to turn his life around. Freeman is now among the 1,772 homeless, in recovery, or formerly incarcerated individuals who have obtained good-paying jobs in the foodservice industry upon completing work and life skills training made possible through Focusing Philanthropy and Catalyst Kitchens by FareStart.