Help protect nearly 9,000 refugees during the pandemic and contribute to the post-pandemic recovery of many more with RefugePoint and Focusing Philanthropy

As always, Focusing Philanthropy covers all overhead costs. 100% of every donation will go to the Emergency Response Fund campaign.


As the pandemic surges, African nations face dire challenges: Healthcare systems in many countries lack essential equipment and enough trained medical professionals. Ten African countries have no supply of ventilators at all; several others have less than 10 for their entire population. Basic supplies like hand soap and masks were hard to come by even before the virus, and, in many communities, access to clean water remains a persistent challenge.

Africa and the MENA region together host more than 44% of the world’s refugees. In addition to threats to their safety, wellbeing, and livelihoods as a result of the pandemic, the spaces refugees occupy stand to accelerate the spread of any outbreak. With borders closed and resettlement departures suspended, refugees need urgent protection in place. In the first quarter of 2020, resettlement departures had dropped globally by 36% compared to the same quarter last year.

Kenya—which hosts one of the largest population of refugees in sub-Saharan Africa, many of whom have been displaced for years—is reported to be the hardest-hit economy on the continent. In Nairobi and other urban areas, more than half of the population lives in cramped informal settlements lacking access to water and sanitation.


Focusing Philanthropy and RefugePoint are partnering to raise $1,000,000 to respond to the needs of more than 8,900 refugees this year and next. The campaign will fill critical gaps in service provision and maintenance of protection infrastructure, not only benefitting the most vulnerable during the pandemic, but contributing to the inclusion of refugees in post-pandemic recovery. Since 2005, RefugePoint has helped 82,918 refugees across 35 countries access resettlements and complementary pathways, in addition to providing lifesaving interventions–such as shelter, health care, and business training–to over 12,200 urban refugees in Nairobi. Now RefugePoint will apply those skills and relationships to this new humanitarian emergency:

In Nairobi, Kenya:

  • Provide vulnerable urban refugees vital access to public health information, emergency supplies, hand washing stations, prescription medicines, food and rent assistance, and more
  • Continue to provide stabilizing and self-reliance services in Nairobi remotely, including entrepreneurship training and psycho-social counseling for the mental health of refugees
  • Expand its core caseload of clients receiving intensive stabilizing support to include refugees who had previously reached a level of self-reliance this year

Across Africa and Globally:

  • Protect at-risk refugees by coordinating response efforts to increased instances of sexual and gender-based violence, labor exploitation, substance abuse, and detention
  • Maintain the resettlement referral pipeline through the remote completion of essential casework, so that refugees can quickly travel to safety as soon as borders open and resettlement departures resume
  • Ensure the systemic change accomplished in the last few years around increased solutions for refugees is not lost


Focusing Philanthropy will add $1 for every $1 raised by RefugePoint donors, for up to $500,000 in matching support toward the overall campaign goal of $1,000,000.

To qualify for the match, donations must be directed to Focusing Philanthropy and a minimum of $1,000. Donations are fully tax deductible and 100% of funds contributed will go to the Protecting Refugees: COVID-Emergency Response campaign. All Focusing Philanthropy costs are covered by its founders.