Train 30,000 individuals traditionally underrepresented in technologyfor high-growth careers in the industry with Per Scholas and Focusing Philanthropy

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In the US, there are far more available technology jobs than there are individuals qualified to fill them. Across the largest metropolitan regions today, 10 million working age adults have at least a high school diploma but earn less than $25,000 a year, far short of a living wage. More than a third (38%) are Black or Latinx.

At the same time, there are 1.2 million well-paying technology jobs, half of which don’t require a college degree, that are unfilled for lack of qualified applicants. Despite the COVID-19 economic crisis, employers across all industries are struggling to hire for open technology positions.


Per Scholas is a national organization that prepares individuals traditionally underrepresented in technology for high-growth careers in the industry. In 15 weeks or less, Per Scholas learners (87% people of color, 30% women) gain knowledge and skills, pass industry recognized credentialing exams and present themselves as highly attractive candidates for technical, entry to mid-level career-track jobs with good benefits. 85% of learners graduate and 80% of graduates obtain jobs within one year.

Prior collaboration between Focusing Philanthropy and Per Scholas has resulted in the expansion of this evidence-based, proven model. In 2020, Per Scholas had campuses in 14 cities and trained ~2,000 individuals. Now, we are working to establish new infrastructure and program elements to help disrupt generational cycles of poverty and achieve broad, durable change.


Per Scholas and FP are partnering to raise $40 million to catalyze future growth of the Per Scholas program and train 30,000 learners between 2021-2025. Through the Reskill to Rebuild initiative, Per Scholas will expand 14 of its existing in-person training centers, launch 11 new locations, and scale remote offerings to increase the annual number of people trained fivefold by 2025 to 10,000.

Each of the 20,000+ graduates during this period who are hired in tech jobs (55% of whom were unemployed at the time of application) will see their annual income quadruple within one year. By 2035, the system we put in place will train 50,000 learners per year in 25 cities or 75% of all tech roles available to people without a college degree.

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