Support 200,000 Nigerian farmers and plant 90 million trees for transformative economic and environmental sustainability in Nigeria and Malawi with Focusing Philanthropy and One Acre Fund

As always, Focusing Philanthropy covers all overhead costs. 100% of every donation will go to the Nigeria and Malawi Surge Campaign.

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More than half of the poorest people in the world are subsistence farmers or their families. One Acre Fund provides Sub-Saharan African farmers the tools and training to grow their way out of hunger. But, beyond food security, farm families need assets to protect against unexpected costs, build sustainability, and allow for investments in their futures. Tree planting not only benefits the environment, but it also acts as a long-term, cashable savings plan for the rural poor; the challenge is bringing the practice to scale.


Prior collaboration between One Acre Fund (OAF) and Focusing Philanthropy (FP) has resulted in the expansion of OAF’s proven program into five new countries and additional areas of Kenya; by 2030, ~36M subsistence farm family members will be permanently out of starvation poverty through this program, half in geographies where FP funded the launch. Now, we seek to leverage OAF’s substantial institutional platform, deep relationships with a rapidly growing group of farmers, and experience gained over five years of tree-planting experimentation at an increasing scale (150M to date) to orchestrate the planting of a billion trees in the years ahead.

OAF has found tree planting to be the most effective asset-accumulation vehicle for rural households, generating farmer ROIs above 500% in addition to mitigating climate change by preventing soil runoff and sequestering carbon.


One Acre Fund and Focusing Philanthropy have identified a “surge” opportunity to materially increase benefits for farmers and the environment. This program will channel surge funding via two closely connected impact conduits: OAF’s foundational farmer productivity programming in Nigeria and OAF’s tree programs in Nigeria and Malawi. Through this program, ~200,000 Nigerian farmers will be reached annually by 2026, and ~90 million new trees will be planted cumulatively in Nigeria and Malawi; the long-term result will be millions of farm family members newly empowered against the dual crises of extreme poverty and climate change.

Campaign donations can be made to Focusing Philanthropy, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Donations are fully tax-deductible, and 100% of the funds contributed go to the Nigeria and Malawi surge campaign. All Focusing Philanthropy costs are covered by its founders.

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