Areas of Focus

All of our programs deliver life-changing improvements for people living with severe challenges or unmet needs, either domestically or internationally.

We employ a range of tactics to address systemic poverty, health care access and quality, and educational opportunity and achievement. Each of our partner organizations actively addresses causes in one or more of our Areas of Focus. Taken together, these admirable organizations are helping to achieve sustainable improvements in individual and/or community living conditions and prospects.

2. Building Community Infrastructure

Building Community Infrastructure Programs that help communities create or acquire the assets needed to improve the quality of life of all residents; community needs could include clean water, access to basic health services, electricity, locally managed credit facilities, etc.

1. Increasing Income

Increasing Income Programs that provide the equipment, personnel or financing to permit an individual, family or community to increase their income, and therefore their standard of living, on a sustainable basis.

3. Achieving Self-Sufficiency

Achieving Self-Sufficiency Programs that encourage and facilitate individual initiative to address serious challenges and improve oneself through access to education, training, improved living conditions, mental health initiatives and the like.