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The Faces

Of Timmy Campaign 2017


In Latin America and the Caribbean, 30% of people do not have access to healthcare due to economic reasons. Another 21% do not have access for geographic restrictions. People cannot obtain the simple, affordable remedies - vaccinations, antibiotics, preventative care, and health education - that are key to a healthy, productive life.


Timmy Global Health fights these disparities by pairing short-term medical service teams with long-term health programming.

  • Bringing health services to those who are most in need: Timmy delivers primary care to people that cannot access the local health system. In Ecuador, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic, they offer high-quality services to patients in hard to reach communities.
  • Providing continuity of care: Timmy’s local staff are present year-round, standing by patients at every step of their health care journey. For those who need a specialist, they set up referrals, bring them to appointments, and assist with treatment costs.
  • Always coming back again: Timmy sites get multiple visits per year, so communities served can count on consistent healthcare access and patients with chronic diseases or other ongoing care needs can be closely monitored.
  • Investing in local partnerships: Timmy builds long-term collaborations with groups in their Latin American partner countries. They cooperate with grassroots organizations and ministries of health, and enlist local doctors, nurses, and community health promoters in their clinics and follow-up care.
  • Complementing treatment with prevention: Year-round Timmy staff work on the core reasons that people get sick in the communities they serve. They invest resources in malnutrition, safe water, and health education - all with the goal of stopping health problems at the source.
  • Fostering responsible global health service and leadership: Timmy promotes humble, learning-oriented service. Their clinics are staffed by volunteer medical service teams with support from students who aspire to have careers in global health.


Focusing Philanthropy and Timmy Global Health are teaming up to raise a combined $500,000 to improve the lives of 25,000 patients across ten sites in 2018. Life-changing health services are provided to Timmy patients for an average of just $20 per person for a year of care.

To help meet this goal, Focusing Philanthropy will provide a full match on donations of $1,000 or more for anyone who did not make a gift to Timmy Global Health in 2016 and a half match on donations of $1,000 or more for donors who gave last year. Additionally, donors who gave more than $1,000 in 2016 will receive a special match: a full match on any increased portion of their donation and half match on the repeated portion. Up to $200,000 in matching support is available toward the $500,000 campaign goal.

To qualify for the match, all contributions must be made through Focusing Philanthropy by December 31, 2017. Donations are fully tax deductible to U.S. taxpayers and 100% of funds donated go to Timmy Global Health. All Focusing Philanthropy operating costs are covered by its founders. Donations must be at least $1,000 to be match eligible.


In 2018, Timmy will send out over 40 medical trips and support public health programming in their ten sites. The $500,000 raised in the year-end campaign will be used to:

  • Offer high-quality care to patients in need
  • Provide medicines to treat illness, infections, and chronic conditions
  • Send medical teams to their sites every three months--and ensure follow-up care by local doctors in between Timmy trips
  • Address root causes of illness through nutrition, safe water, and health education programs
  • Strengthen Timmy’s focus on training, sustainability, and measuring impact
  • Educate and inspire the next generation of global health leaders