The 2017 LA Education Campaign


  • 17% of low-income students read at grade level proficiency
  • 50% of disadvantaged youth will not complete high school
  • 2% - 20% of adults attain a college degree in low-income communities
  • Poor health choices and other risky behaviors are further reducing the educational and life prospects of many teens, 30% of teen girls will get pregnant at least once before age 20


In recognition of these critical needs, Focusing Philanthropy has launched the “2017 LA Education Campaign” to support four proven and effective nonprofits addressing critical needs in education. The Los Angeles Dodger Foundation joins us as founding donor in supporting and promoting this campaign and our nonprofit implementing partners. The four priority educational moments that this campaign will address are often where student life outcomes hang in the balance.

  • Reading proficiency by the 4th grade: through this campaign elementary students will receive bi-weekly, one-on-one tutoring in reading through a program that doubles the rate of reading proficiency gain and thereby moves under-performing third and fourth graders toward peer group proficiency, a strong predictor of high school graduation – Reading Partners
  • School engagement for middle school students: Disengaged middle school students will participate in workplace mentorships matched with specialized in-school programs, increasing high school graduation rates from 50% to 92% – Spark
  • Healthy behaviors for teenagers: Ninth graders will receive a semester-long health education curriculum, learning accurate information on sexual health, mental health, substance abuse, and effective communication. The program has been shown to materially improve students’ ability to handle peer pressure, seek help and make better decisions regarding their personal conduct and interactions. The program is taught by specially-trained local college students (near peers) – Peer Health Exchange
  • College readiness and access: Young women from underserved communities will receive college readiness and admission assistance that consistently results in their gaining admission to, and succeeding at, top colleges and universities nationally - Scripps College Academy


The campaign seeks to raise $1,075,000 to be allocated among our four implementing nonprofit partners, and will run from July 2017 – December 31, 2017. In support of this goal, Focusing Philanthropy is assembling a matching challenge grant of $475,000 with the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation providing a lead contribution of $125,000. This grant will be used as a match by our partner nonprofits to mobilize an additional $600,000 in support.

All contributions are to be made through Focusing Philanthropy. Focusing Philanthropy is itself a 501c3, so all donations are tax deductible. As is always the case, 100% of all funds to our campaigns and initiatives go to the nonprofits.